Join the Little Clinic that Could! Make an investment in affordable housing and supportive services for Transition Age Youth, homeless pregnant women, very-low-income individuals, and others in Marin County who are especially vulnerable.

Learn about Marin City’s Unique History

Marin City’s has a vibrant history as a diverse community. When the GI Bill provided funding to purchase homes, Black and Brown residents remained in rental housing because of deed restrictions like these, missing a critical path out of poverty.

Understand this Pocket of Inequality Surrounded by Wealth

The small community of Marin City is home to 52% of all public housing for Marin County. Average family income is $13,213 and nearly 100% of children in the local K-8 public school qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch.

Support a Community-Owned & Developed Project

The heart of Marin City isn’t the shopping center that we see from Highway 101. It’s on Drake Avenue and Phillips Drive, one block away. Come for a tour! See the future home of affordable housing and expanded healthcare, and get to know this special community.

A Project of Marin City Health & Wellness

The Marin City Health & Wellness Center was created by a grassroots movement in 2006 by longtime residents of Marin City demanding culturally sensitive healthcare. Across the U.S., African Americans face the worst health outcomes in nearly every disease. The Center’s mission is to provide innovative health and wellness services to all, with the goal of Black health equity.

While Marin City is no longer predominantly Black, the significance cannot be overstated of this project as a grassroots game-changer for a community that has faced systemic barriers to health and housing. This pilot program – a hub model for housing with community supportive services located onsite – can be scaled to pockets of extreme poverty elsewhere across the country. We invite you to join us.