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Learn about Marin City’s Past

In the 1940s, folks from across the U.S. came to Marin City for jobs to support the war effort. The GI Bill afforded the ability to buy a home, yet property deeds across Marin County had title restrictions like this:

No residence property shall at any time, directly or indirectly, be sold, conveyed, rented or leased in whole or in part to any person or persons not of the white or Caucasian race.

Poverty, illness and race are connected. Black and Brown residents who remained in rental housing, missed a critical opportunity to build wealth. Where you are born, live, work, play and age matters – something called Social Determinants of Health. 

In Marin, residents of Ross live an average of 11 years longer than residents of Marin City.

Portrait of Marin Study, 2012

Now plagued by extreme poverty, the small community of Marin City is home to 52% of all public housing for Marin County, where average family income is $13,213 and nearly 100% of children in the local K-8 public school qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch. This diverse, tightly knit community of 3,000 remains the home of most African Americans in Marin, one of the wealthiest counties in the state. You can help change these racial and economic disparities.

Invest in a Bright Future

$6,000,000 of the total project cost of $27M will be contributed by individuals like you!

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