In 2017 the Center purchased a property located at 100 Phillips Drive, Marin City, as the first commercial real estate transaction in Marin City in decades. Located across the street from youth recreation facilities and a senior center, the Site is immediately adjacent to the K-8 public school and within 100 yards of the existing clinic.

Rather than renovate the deteriorating structure to create a larger clinic, the leadership team saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a Health and Housing Hub for community wellness – physical, emotional and economic.

Health Hub (8,988 sq. ft.)

Since 2006, the Center has operated from a leased 2,500-sq.-ft space. The Health Hub will double the number of exam rooms, expanding access to medical, dental, behavioral health, recovery, and case management care in an underserved community. The larger space make possible onsite patient navigators, care coordinators, a call center, and co-located offices with Marin Health and Human Services’ eligibility and specialty services. Within a year after completion of construction, we expect annual clinic capacity to double to 7,000 unique individuals of all ages and ethnicities, with 35,000 total visits with healthcare specialists. The larger space will make possible new services (such as podiatry, accupuncture, OB/GYN), based on feedback from community members like you.

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